What Time Does Q Cutters Open in Carrum Downs Shopping Centre On Saturday

Q Cutters Opening

It was early Saturday morning and I needed a haircut desperately. I always go to Q Cutters, you know the hairdresser in Carrum Downs Shopping Centre where you do not need an appointment. Not only do they do a good job at cutting men’s hair but the staff are really friendly.

I googled them to find the opening times. From experience they are really busy first thing on the weekend so you want to be there early to get a seat. I checked six websites who had the listing for Q Cutters and not one of them had the opening hours listed.

I took a punt and went down there at 8am Saturday and bingo, they opened at 8am on the knocker. I asked the lady there why they did not list their hours of operation and she told me that sometimes they can have a dozen guys waiting for a haircut so they will close the doors early to ge through this line of people. I fully understand her reasoning but to help you and fellow Carrum Downs guys I am listing their times here.

What Time Does Q Cutters Open

what time does q cutters open

Monday to Friday: 9am to 5 pm

Saturday: 8am to 4pm

Sunday: 10am to 1pm

As stated above, if there is a line of guys waiting prior to finishing time, they will close the doors early so be wary of this.

So, now you know that Q Cutters, the mens hairdresser at Carrum Downs Shopping Centre opens on Saturday at 8am you can get down there early, get a grouse haircut and get home before 9 o’clock in time to mow the lawn.

Q Cutters Hairdressers For Men
Carrum Downs Shopping Centre, Carrum Downs, VIC, 3201
Phone: (03) 9782 6110

Ladies Hairdresser

For the ladies you really should be going to see Kylie for all your hair styling needs.
Hairdresser Carrum Downs

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