Simple Business Promotion Websites

Simple business promotion websites are perfect if you want to promote your small business in your local community. Every small business needs to advertise to bring in not only new customers but to keep repeat buyers walking in the door. So what exactly is a simple business promotion website and how can it help my local business?

Promotion Website V’s eCommerce Website

A promotion website is as the name suggests. It primary function is to simply promote your business, to get the name out to the local community so as to get the phone ringing or people through the front door. An ecommerce website can be a 200 page mega website listing all of your products online and giving your customers the ability to purchase directly from your website. These types of business promotion websites can run into many thousand’s of dollars whereas a basic promoting website should cost you no more than a few hundred.

It would typically be 5 or 6 pages only and it would highlight the features and benefits of your product or sevice and normally have all your contact information on it allowing the potential buyer to contact you.

Business Promotion Websites

What Can Business Promotion Websites Do For Me?

This is where a small business can really accelerate it’s bottom line. This tactic is virtually untapped by most small business owners. Not only will this method promote and advertise your business but it will answer the question most owners ask themselves.

How can I get leads for my business?”

Easily, You give something away from your small business promotion websites. It is that simple and I will explain now.

Let’s say, for example, you have a personal training business in Frankston and you want to attract new leads to it. What you would do is write a short 4-5 page report about a certain aspect of your business. In this instance it could be titled “7 Foods To Avoid To Lose Weight Quickly”.

What happens is a vistor to your business promotion websites sees that you are giving the report away for free. All they have to do is put their email address in the box and the report will be sent to them immediately to their inbox.

They have the report to help them lose weight or get healthy etc and you now have their email address. In a weeks time you can email them asking if they enjoyed the report and include the dates your next bootcamp session starts along with your contact details. Over the coming days you can email them tips about exercise and nutrition always including the bootcamp details.

If they are ready, they will join your bootcamp. You see, you are constantly helping them but also promoting and advertising your business as well.

Now that you know what a simple business promotion websites can do for you and your small business what can you do next. Well, getting in touch with an online marketing expert to set everything up for you is paramount. They can set up the website, the free report, the email sequence, the lot.

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