Q Cutters Hairdressers Complaint – Pathetic Customer Service

Shocking Customer Service at Q Cutters Carrum Downs

Shocking Customer Service at Q Cutters Carrum Downs

Q Cutters Shit Service

What the hell is going on with the customer service, or lack of it, at Q Cutters in Carrum Downs?

It is Saturday morning and I go to Q Cutters for a haircut. I get there at 7:50 to be early in line for a haircut as they open at 8am. The sign on the door says 8am.

At four minutes to eight three staff members arrive, each with a coffee in hand. They then proceed to the back room and talk crap for over 6 minutes while myself and 3 others wait patiently outside for the roller door to be lifted up.

When they finally decide to come out into the shop one of them goes to turn the computer on and realises something is wrong with it. The other 2 ladies hover around looking and pointing at the computer in the hope it will operate properly. No such luck.

While one of them is on the phone (I presume to tech support or such), the other two are standing around like stale bottles of piss.

Now, I am not a smart man but couldn’t one lady be on the phone and the other two start cutting friggin hair?

How hard is it?

Poor Customer Service Q Cutters

If Q Cutters opens at 8 o’clock, I expect to be sitting in the chair at 2 or 3 past 8, not 15 minutes past.

Here is a tip ladies. Get there at 7:45, drink your coffee and talk crap, fire up the computer and lift the bloody roller door up at precisely 8, not when it suits you.

If all of you HAVE to gather around a computer would it be too much to ask for one of you poke your head under the door and tell us that you will be with us shortly and sorry for the delay? Guess so.

Absolutely disgraceful customer service. I am going to repeat this at other websites and leave a bad review in the hope they lift their standards. They can cut hair but the people skills are lacking.

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