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Our Wish: To Educate You in All Aspects of Jet Ski Trailers…..and by being open and honest with you hopefully earn your trust and business. If this is your first time here make sure you look at our pictures or read about prices and cost of owning your custom trailer. Out jet ski trailers for sale are the hottest trailers in Melbourne.

Where To Look When Buying A Jet Ski Trailer

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Are you looking to buy a jet ski trailer but seem overwhelmed by all the information available on the internet? I feel your pain. As a seller of trailers it is my obligation to research all things about jet ski trailers so as to provide you with the best and most accurate information that you could hope to find. Below is my take on where you can buy a trailer to suit your needs.

Do you have friends or colleagues with jet ski’s? Asking them where they bought their trailer is the obvious place to start looking. Word of mouth is a wonderful tool and asking people will only give you honest appraisals of the various trailers and the seller available in Australia today.

Visiting the reputable forums on the net is also a good place to start looking. These forums, such as this one, have dedicated members who are as enthusiastic about PWC as you are. Ask a question here and get replies from ardent fans of jet skis.

Classified ad sites can be a rich source of sellers of jet ski trailers but please proceed here with caution. Whilst the majority of people selling trailers will be legitimate, there are some that will be less than honest so do your due diligence here and of course, these will be second hand or used jet ski trailers.

If you try the above and still cannot decide on where to buy your trailer, contact us to steer you in the right direction. I will give you unbiased advice on where to get your trailer based on what it is you want exactly at a price you are happy with. If I cannot supply you with the jet ski trailer that suits you, I will certainly recommend other suppliers where you can buy a jet ski trailer.

Who Are The Best Jet Ski Trailer Builders in Australia?(Reviews/Ratings)

We talk to many people all year round from all corners of Australia and more specifically, Victoria, about jet ski trailers and a question that gets asked often is “who are the best jet ski trailer builders?”.

They find out through this website that we endeavour to answer “all things trailers”, so they ask us who some of our competitors are and I am only willing to tell them knowing that it will help in their decision when buying a trailer.

In saying that, here is a list of trailer builders from around Australia for 2016 who we feel have a solid background and history behind them.

1. Located in Queensland, Swiftco Trailers have been around since 1975 which gives them a mountain of experience in the trailer game. They specialise in boat trailers primarily but do sell hot dipped galvanised jet ski trailers.

2. Mackay Trailers, from Victoria, supply dealers up and down the east coast of Australia. They make the traditional “A” frame trailer, which has a 2 year warranty, and supply plastic mudguards on all models.

3. Out of Sydney, SalesTrailers make a fully galvanised trailer also with plastic mudguards. They get good reviews online and are well versed in all trailer needs.

4.Transtyle Trailers hail from Victoria and are the only aluminium jet ski trailer maker to make the list. They concentrate on marine trailers and have an excellent reputation among water sports enthusiasts.

5. From Newcastle, NSW comes Bonanza Trailers who have “A” frame hot dipped gal trailers. They manufacture a wide range of trailers and also get positive reviews and ratings from users on the whole.

These guys are a handful of companies you should consider when next buying your jet ski trailer. As stated previously on here, you should look at 2 elements when buying a trailer:

– The company building the trailer

– The company selling the trailer

I hope for you that both of these points are of the highest standard and your trailer buying experience is an enjoyable one.

Jetski Trailer Price

We get many requests asking what is the jet ski trailer price and with good reason. Obviously, like any purchase, price is a consideration and for the majority it could be the major reason we buy it. Also, jet ski’s cost a pretty penny and funds could be low after buying the machine leaving funds for a trailer rather low (providing you bought a jet ski only).

The cost of jet ski trailers is going to vary depending on your needs and tastes and I will explain why below.

Purchasing a jet ski trailer is much the same as buying a car. The car could cost you $20,000 but when you start to throw in extras such as tinted windows, metallic paint, lower profiling etc the price could rise to over 25K or 30K.

The reason people get the extras is because they want the car to be exactly what they want and do not want to regret the purchase down the track. Right away they have a vehicle that is going to give them a long lasting, quality car.

The same can be said for your jet ski trailer. You are going to have your trailer for a long period of time so you need one that both suits your requirements, looks great and above all, does what it is supposed to do and that is transport your jet ski efficiently and effectively.

Some trailer buyers will put price at the top of the tree sacrificing at times safety, appeal and on going costs for maintenance. That is when buyers remorse really kicks in. Hopefully the “car” analogy has helped you understand it more.

As you can see, the price of a jet ski trailer will vary. I encourage you to use the contact form on this page to discuss your needs for your jet ski trailer. After discussing what it is you want exactly, I can give you a jet ski trailer price you will be happy with.

Jet Ski Trailers For Sale

Best Jet Ski Trailer

We have various jet ski trailers for sale that cater for most brands of jet ski’s as well as the different models. Because we custom make trailers according to the owners preferences, our range is varied.

Due to the popularity of our jet ski trailers we now have our trailers going to most states of Australia for sale to both end users and also to resellers.

Cheap Jet Ski Trailer

Reckon you can get a cheaper price on a jet ski trailer when buying from a reputable seller? You bet you can and you do not have to sacrifice quality either to get a discount. I’ll show you how below.

#1 Method To Get A Discount PWC Trailer: Buy In Winter

Any trailer manufacturer worth his salt can remain busy during the Spring and Summer months when the popularity and participation in water sports is at it’s peak. It is during this period, or slightly before, that PWC owners are actively looking to buy a new trailer for the jet ski.

It is the long cold period between April-July that business slows down and it is this time frame where you can grab a nice discount on a trailer. Sellers will be looking to move stock and could offer substantial savings if bought during this time. At least by placing your order during Winter for pick up around early September, you could attract a price reduction.

#2 Method To Get A Discount Jetski Trailer: Build Your Own Trailer

You could save hundreds of dollars by buying the frame of the trailer and completing the trailer yourself. If you are feeling really adventurous you could start from scratch and build the frame yourself but this is recommended only for the trained and experienced. It’s like this, would you let a 2nd year apprentice carpenter build your new home?

#3 Method To Get A Discount Jet Ski Trailer: Get One With The Lot

The more you spend on a trailer the more savings you can make in most cases. Quite often there is not much room to move on the cost of a standard jet ski trailer but by getting extra accessories it lifts profit margins and the result is that the buyer gets bigger discounts off the total trailer package.

Most trailer builders know they have to make “X” amount of dollars on a trailer. When they hit that amount they may be prepared to offer a cheaper price to make sure they get your business.

One More Word On Cost

Oceanic Jet Ski Trailer

When jet ski owners call us one of the first questions they always ask is: How much does a jet ski trailer cost? Answering that question is a bit like asking “how long is a piece of string”. There are too many variables involved to give exact costing and I will go through them below.

Single or Double

Do you need a trailer to tow just one jet ski or do you need to move two? Obviously the width of the trailer will vary and with more raw materials needed for a double, the cost will be higher. This one is self explanatory.

Single seater or 2 seater PWC

Really this the same as above. A longer trailer will set you back more than your basic single seater trailer.


Which extras do you want on your trailer? Do you want it registered or will you do this after you purchase it. Will you simply buy a standard model and modify it once you have it in the garage? All the answers to these questions will determine the cost of the trailer to the end user.

In maintaining my commitment to be open and transparent about all things trailers I feel it would be misleading to list prices here as it would be confusing for you and would not accurately answer your question.

Buyers of our jet ski trailers are buying safe, aussie made trailers. With this in mind your trailer price will vary from the guy before you and the guy after you.

The last piece of advise I can give you is to contact us today. I am a jet ski trailer guy. All I have are jet ski trailers for sale in Melbourne. I am not, and never will be, a sales guy. No pressure, no obligation and definitely no BS. After a quick chat about what it is you are after in a trailer I can then accurately let you know how much your jet ski trailer will cost.

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    Hi I wanted to enquire about a single jet ski trailer to suit a 2016 Yamaha FX Cruiser SVHO. Accessories included 2 x jerry can holders, checker plated underneath the ski to protect the hull whilst travelling. Painted black with black plastic wheel arches. Tail lights not sure what would suit would welcome your thoughts. One final thing I’m based in Sydney at Pennant Hills. Would welcome any other advice you might have. Cheers Justin

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    I bought a trailer back in October and it has been fantastic. Thanks for all your help

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