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Did You Know – Poisonous carbon monoxide gases leaking from a faulty heater can cause serious illness or even death.

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A professional gas heater repair serviceman should be fully qualified and should present documentation upon arrival for your service. He should also present insurance forms and show accreditation of a plumber and gasfitter association.

Make sure you ask for these documents to ensure you are getting a legitimate gas heater repair person. Your safety and the good name of the industry depends on this. If he does not have the relevant papers, he does not get in the door.

Our 5 Star Guarantee To You:

1. Arrive On Time

2. Written Quote Before Work Starts

3. Use Only Quality Parts

4. Treat Your Home Like It Is Ours

5. Complete Clean Up

6. Brivis Service Melbourne

Gas Heater Repair and Service Frankston

Melbourne suburbs we service – With Melbourne having a building explosion presently, especially in the north west of Melbourne in places such as Melton, Caroline Springs and Hillside, and in the south west suburbs of Pakenham, Cranbourne and Narre Warren, we see the need to service all of Melbourne.

Even the inner city suburbs such as Hawthorn, Kew, St Kilda, Fitzroy and Richmond whose gas heaters could be aged and in need of a yearly service.

Gas Heater Repair and Service Prices

The cost of a service to your gas heater is going to vary depending on what is found to be in disrepair.

In most cases it will simply be a case of cleaning all internal parts to eliminate dust that has built up over the months the unit has been idle.

How To Get A Gas Heater Repair Done

Pick up the phone and call us now and one of our trained gas heater repair technicians will set up a time that is convenient to you to inspect your heater.

Gas Heater Need A Service?


Every year we do it without fail. The first chilly evening we go to turn on our gas heater after 6-8 months of non activity only to find it does not work properly.

We scratch our heads trying to work out why giving no thought to the possibility that over those idle months there has been an accumulation of dust on the thermostat or fan motor or other parts of the inner workings resulting in poor performance.

It is for this reason that a gas heater service should be performed at the end of every Summer to ensure it’s safe operation come time to fire it up.

Who Do You Use?
Why not use the company that has the experience and knowledge of most major brands when it comes to gas heater repairs.

Why not use a company that will turn up at your residence when we say we will and a company that will give you a written quote BEFORE the work is carried out to avoid giving you a shock afterwards.

Use a company that has all the legal paperwork such as public liability and a company that is registered with the Master Plumbers Association.

This is critical as all gas heater repair and service people need this accreditation to be legally allowed and qualified to perform the tasks.

Talk to us before you get the services of a Melbourne gas heater repair man so that we can advise you of what is required from both you and the service technician doing the job.

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  • Reply Svetlana June 20, 2014 at 5:55 pm

    All gas appliances are tested by the Australian Gas Association or another certified agency. Check the label on the appliance. Any change to this appliance would have to be certified by the company who made it. In your specifications booklet you should find what kind of gas it is set-up to run. If you change the feed nozzle or limiting valves without the manufacturing companies written approval then you have voided the warrantyand possibly caused a fire hazard. Call the company who made the appliance and find out if it can be legally converted.You do not want to be responsible for a fire or CO poisoning. Good Luck

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