7 Reasons To Stay In Carrum Downs Unit

Stay In Carrum Downs

story of people in Carrum Downs

We have had many people stay in our unit in Carrum Downs recently and after talking to all of them it makes an interesting conversation as to why they chose to stay in Carrum Downs.

The reasons are vast and varied and represents a cross section of differing scenarios.

Usually when you provide accommodation for visitors it is for a weekend away, a 2 night stay or a romantic getaway but these 6 reasons to stay in Carrum Downs are far from it

Often times it is for very personal reasons such as these.

Stay In Carrum Downs Unit

Before I get into the top seven we would like to invite you to stay in our fully furnished and fully self contained two bedroom unit. We describe it as “cosy” because that is exactly what it is.

Nestled in the bowl of a quiet court and close to parkland, public transport, retail shopping precinct and hotels and restaurants, it is perfect for…. well, keep reading to find out why.

A Place To Rest and Recuperate

Julie and her daughter came across from Tasmania in early November 2015. They arrived on a Sunday and stayed for 9 nights.

Julie’s daughter had a medical procedure done at Peninsula Private Hospital and could not fly for a minimum 7 days. They spent their time recuperating in our granny flat until she was fit enough to fly back to Tassie.

Temporary Interstate Accommodation

A week later we got the following booking enquiry. Here it is.

My name is Eileen and I live in Coffs Harbour with my child and husband.
Husband, Brian, is working in Melbourne and is looking for a quiet place to stay until X-mas if possible.

The company he works for is paying for his accommodation. At the moment he is staying in hotels and is living out of his suitcase. He really needs a home away from home until he will find something more permanent in the new year.

Brian is a hardworking, honest and quiet guy. He likes to help other people, however with his new job he hardly has time to find short term accommodation. The plan is for us to move to Melbourne end of January 2016. In the meantime I would really like for him to have a place where he can cook and relax etc. Can you help?
Warm regards,

We accepted the request immediately as living out of a suitcase in a motel for extended periods of time is not ideal when working hard all day.

We helped Brian by doing his washing and changing his bed linen regularly. We were really sorry to see him go as he was a fantastic fellow.

Family Get Together To Celebrate a Birthday

Lauren grew up in Bermagui, N.S.W but she was doing her officer training at Cerberus Naval Base Crib Point.

Her family drove from Bermagui to spend 3 nights with Lauren as it was her birthday. Her parents and sister were out everyday doing the tourist things and at night the two sisters partied.

Visiting His Young Daughter In Skye

Neil is from Newcastle, N.S.W. He wanted somewhere to stay that was close to his daughters mothers house in Skye. Our 2 bedroom unit was perfect for him he said.

He collected his daughter and bought her stay with him for 2 days. They went to the zoo, the aquarium and the beach.

When Neil left we found the following in a hand written note for us.

THANK YOU! For a wonderful time. Both myself and my daughter loved staying with you guys. So appreciative, Thanks Neil

Attending A Rock Climbing Training Course

Next was this message we got from a wife and mother from Sydney.

Hi Lesley my husband Colin and daughter Lauren are travelling to Bayside Rock climbing gym for a training camp. They will be out for most of weekend. Your place looks great for them.

Flying in from Sydney, Colin and his daughter, Laura, stayed in our unit so the young girl could attend rock climbing training sessions at Bayside Rock. They stayed for 2 nights while Laura was put through her paces in the art of rock climbing.

Once again a hand written thank you note was left.

Lesley, Thankyou for an enjoyable stay. Your place was cosy and very convenient for our trip. Regards Colin and Laura

Receiving these hand written thank you notes validates that what we are trying to do is working. Our goal is to make your stay in Carrum Downs as enjoyable as possible.

Stopover While Travelling Around Australia

June and her husband Jack, from Peyia, Paphos, Cyprus sent us this reservation enquiry.

“Mature, retired couple non smokers. Used to manage a holiday rental business in Cyprus, traveling from Cairns to arrive in Melbourne on 11/2 to meet up with son who is manager of hotel in Sheffield Tasmania to celebrate birthday and wedding anniversary looking for relaxing place to finish our 3 month holiday”

Of course they stayed in our unit and loved the fact it is centrally located to both Melbourne CBD and the Mornington Peninsula.
We learnt so much talking to them as they recently retired from operating a Bed and Breakfast in Cyprus for expat Brits.

Commercial Diving Course in Carrum Downs

We did not know there was a commercial diving school in Carrum Downs but when we got this potential rental we had to do our homework.

Seems the diving business is a mere 4klms from our unit. Perfect for anyone who needs accommodation near Professional Diving Services.

Hi Lesley. My son (19) will be coming down to Carrum Downs from Tweed Heads to do his commercial diver course with the Professional Diving Services in Sonia St. He will be looking for accommodation during the 3rd April til the 28th of May inclusive. About 8 weeks.

We look forward to hosting this young man.

Short Term Work Assignment in Bangholme

Bangholme, a short 6 klms from here, is home to the Eastern Treatment Plant. Imagine our surprise when this gentleman enquired about a long term stay in Carrum Downs.

I am a Senior Project Engineer moving to Melbourne South East in the near future to start work on the East Water Treatment Plant. I am looking for accommodation for 6 – 12 months starting mid March, though I could possibly get interim accommodation if you place is not available until late May.

We only received this message today and have not booked him to stay but will go through the process of talking direct, establishing the correct processes and making a decision.

The pleasing thing is that he knows we are booked out until the end of May but he is willing to stay elsewhere until our granny flat is available.

What Will Your Reason Be To Stay In Carrum Downs?

Whatever the reason you need to stay in Carrum Downs, we would love to host you. Be it personal or business we can guarantee you one thing. A cosy, quiet stay in Carrum Downs.

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