Subscription Box For Aussie Expats

Subscription Box For Aussie Expats
Subscription Box For Aussie Expats

A subscription box for Aussie expats is a fantastic initiative for all those Australians living overseas. A gift box delivered to your door each month filled with goodies from the Land of Oz will give you the feeling of being back home.

It is only when we have been overseas for a period of time that we start to miss, and reminisce, about food, magazines, items of clothing, music or local news from our homes in Australia. Many stories have been told of expats craving vegemite. Maybe you are one.

A quick search online brings up a few websites that sell foodstuffs but what about other items longed for. What about a copy of your local newspaper from the suburb you lived in. What changes have happened in your locality?

It is these questions that got us to thinking: “Why cant we supply a subscription box for Aussie expats?”

This monthly selection of goods from Australia arrives at your door for one low price per month.

Our Dilemma About A Subscription Box For Aussie Expats

Our dilemma is this. What do we put in the subscription box for Aussie expats?
That is where you come into it.

Leave a comment below telling us what goods you would like if you subscribed to a box full of goodies?

This will help us provide the absolute best value to all our expats living and working overseas.

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