What Hairstyle Will Match My Face


Many people will see a celebrity with a certain hairstyle and want it for themselves. That said, unless you and that celebrity have the same facial structure, it is unlikely that it will look as good on you as it does on them. You need to understand how your face is built to figure out which styles will look the best. The following steps will help you determine your face type and styles that will work.

There are a few “standard” face shape categories: Oval means your face is longer than it is wide and it has curves at the chin and forehead. Round means your face is pretty much as wide as it is long and it also curves at the top and bottom. Square faces are typically equal in width and length, but the forehead and chin end at sharp angles. A rectangle is a square face where the face is longer than it is wide. An oblong face is just like oval, only it is very much longer than it is wide. Diamond faces are long and end in points at the hairline and the chin, plus the widest point of the face is at the cheekbone. A hexagon is a softer version of a diamond face. Triangle faces are widest at the jaw while thinnest at the hairline, while an inverted triangle face is the opposite (also known as heart-shaped.) Some people can end up in multiple categories as well, such as a round forehead with a square chin.

What Hairstyle For My Oval Face

Hairstyles for Round Faces

Hairstyles for Round Faces

Those with oval faces can truly wear any hairstyle they want. The only consideration they must have is which facial feature they wish to highlight. They also should choose a style which is kept off the face. Those with an oblong face shape don’t have so many choices. Short or medium lengths are best, as are those which have layers but lack height. Hair which turns under at the chin or bobs are excellent selections. Side parts are also preferable to middle parts.

A round face means your hair needs to have height on top, narrowing the look of the face. A middle part will divide your face in half, making it appear more symmetrical. Long hair which is allowed to rest on the cheeks will make the top half of your face seem narrower. A square face looks best with side swept bangs, short to medium length cuts and crown height. A bit if wispy hair down over your face also makes it look less structured.

Hairstyles For Full Faces

Hairstyles For Fuller Faces

Diamond faces need some hair width at chin level, such as along bob or hair flipped out. Hair tucked behind the ears also draws attention to your beautiful cheek bones. Straight bangs will look perfect on such as face as well. Triangular faces need layers which taper at the jaw. Inverted triangular faces are better with shoulder length cuts which kick out at the bottom.

These simple tips will help you look your best with whichever face shape you have. When you can make yourself look amazing thanks to the right haircut, you will feel amazing, too. Just use these tips to look your best today.

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