How to Hire a Handyman for Home Projects

hire a handyman

Many people tend to make mistakes when they hire a handyman. Some will take the person with the biggest ad in the Local Yellow Pages. Others will just pick the first name in the list. Yet others take the cheapest option. One thing I can tell you is that when it comes time to hire a handyman Frankston has the best in Melbourne.

Ask anyone you know who owns a home for a referral. Everyone has used an electrician, plumber, inspector or handyman at some point, if they own their own home. From a flooring installer to a bathroom renovator, you will find many people have great stories about work done on their residence. Make a list of the people they recommend to start you off.

Next, check with local organizations which deal with the renovation you wish to complete. For example, this website offers recommendations for handymen around the Mornington Peninsula he believes in. Job specific associations often have lists of people who are a member you can scan through. Lastly, check out StartLocal for local workers and reviews on their work. Add these names to your list as well.

Check with the Better Business Bureau to find out if there are any complaints about the handyman on your list. If they aren’t listed, or have unsatisfied complaints, cross them off your list. Companies which don’t join the BBB aren’t able to be verified, so they aren’t worth considering.

Before You Hire A Handyman

Before you hire a handyman, call up each one on your list and ask if they have a license. Also ask about their professional association memberships, and if they have any certifications. Lastly, ask them about their insurance. If you do select a handyman from your list, be sure to ask for copies of proof of all that they tell you when they first visit your home.

Also ask for a list of references. You should be able to call these people and even see the work done. A list of references is only helpful if you actually contact the people on the list, after all. Do your due diligence and contact as many references as you can to be sure that the work done was up to standards, completed on time and priced within their budget.

Get everything in writing. From warranties to quotes, you should have documentation for all of the work done. If the company offers a guarantee on their work, get that in writing, too. Also get the contact information of the company including their physical address so you know where to find them if something happens after they are done.

With all of this information available to you, you should be ready to hire a handyman with confidence. Take your time, do your research and be sure to consider your choice carefully. If you choose correctly, not only will your renovation be done right, on time and on budget, but you will find a partner who can help you in the future with any home projects you need to complete.

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