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Buy The Correct Dog Collar and Leash

Dog collars and leashes are a vital component when the decision is made to buy a dog as a family pet, for security reasons or if training an existing pet dog or pup. As with any pet accessory, there has to be a fair amount of thought put into to ensure that the dog collar or leash is right for your dog.

There a quite a number of different types of restraining tools available from the simple corded leash to the state of the art no bark dog collars, shock collars for dogs, even dog leashes that illuminte in the dark for walking your pet on a cold winters night. But for simplicity sake we will talk about practical dog collars and leashes for your pet dog used in training.

Firstly there is the chain slip or choker chain collar. While these appear to be cruel they are a useful tool when in the hands of a trained person. These collars simply clasp around the dogs throat when a quick jerk is given on the leash.

Another type of dog leash is the Martingale collar which is similar to the choker collar in terms of how it works but it has a mechanism built into to prevent actually choking the dog while the break away collar is for everday use. This is accepted as being the best dog collar while treating the dog humanely. This is where your ethics will come into play when selecting your dog leash or collar. Using custom dog collars for your dog training is also a suitable collar to use.

Ranging in length from four feet and up to eight feet, these leashes come in leather, nylon or similar strong materials. A popular type of dog leash used around many neighbourhoods is the stock standard retractable leash. This allows your dog to walk in front of you up to a distance of 30 feet but as the dog slows down, the leash retracts into the housing. A very versatile leash for any sized dog.

Buying dog collars and leashes is a must but consult your pet store assistant to ensure you get the appropriate dog training collar for your dog.

Custom Collars For A Trendy Dog

Custom dog collars are the ultimate way to keep your dog in style and on the cutting edge while providing your dog a safe and secure restraint. There are a number of great ways to customize a dog collar so that it fits your personality and/or your dog’s personality perfectly. Here are a few things to consider when you go to customize your dog collars and leashes.

: Do you want a leather collar that’s stitched elegantly? Maybe you just want a fun colored nylon collar that sticks out against your dog’s darker fur. There’s no limit to what you can do with custom dog collars so let your creativity go crazy. Find something that fits your dog’s personality and won’t clash or look awkward.

Embroidery: Do you want the dog’s name or designs embroidered into the collar? If you get something like leather dog collars you can have designs and names either stitched or embroidered into the material which will make for a much more personalized custom dog collar. While this may cost a few more dollars to add to your collar it’s a great way to make it extra special and unique.

Color: What kind of color do you want your collar to be? Even if you choose to go with leather you can choose different colors like pink, white, dark brown or black. If you go with a fabric or material you can choose virtually any color you want from bright pink to yellow or even tie dyed colors as well.

Corded Dog Collar

a corded dog collar graphic

Corded dog collars are a great way to keep your canine friend looking stylish without sacrificing on quality or function. Having good quality custom dog collars is an important accessory for your dog that not only helps to hold their identification and ownership information but to keep them restrained when going for walks or when they’re tied up in the lawn. Going with corded dog collars is a great way to have a stronger quality collar while making it more appealing to the eye, but where do you go to purchase them?

Finding the right corded collar for your canine is as easy as looking around online. Why not go to your local pet store? Well the answer to that is simple. Local pet shops will raise their prices in order to make more money off each collar and you’ll only have a limited quantity of styles and sizes to choose from.

When you shop for your corded dog collars online you can choose different materials, colors, sizes and even varying fasteners to make sure you get the one you want. The best part? You get to save a bunch of money by shopping right online where discount prices are abundant and shipping and handling deals are often pretty lucrative.

If you want to find the best dog collars and leashes for your dog then shopping around online is hands down the best route to go and you’ll be amazed at how many different styles and sizes are available. Make sure you shop around for the best prices available and look for special incentives like free shipping or other retailer specific benefits.

Leather Dog Collar

leather collar picture

If you want to give your dog a great collar that isn’t only high quality but also is stylish and functional at the same time, then going with a leather dog collar might be a great addition to your canine accessories. When you go shopping for a leather dog collar what should you look for to make sure you get the best possible accessory for your needs? Going online is a great way to get a wide selection of available collars but it’s important you pick a high quality unit that will keep your dog restrained while providing the style and quality you expect.

What should you look for in a leather dog collar? The most important thing with a leather collar is that you pick one that is made of thick and durable leather. The majority of available collars on the market are made of double layered, thick and robust leather that is very difficult to break and most dogs will have a hard time chewing through them. Additionally make sure you pick one that has a secure fastener on it that won’t come off easily or break easily away from the leather collar itself.

How much should you spend on a leather dog collar? While most decent quality custom dog collars are going to run between $20 and $30 paying slightly more is a good way to get a better value. Collars that go over $30+ are usually made of such high quality material that you won’t need to replace them or worry about them accidentally tearing under stress and pressure.

Martingale Collar

picture of a martingale collar

One of the most popular and sought after canine collars is the Martingale collar which is one of the most practical and useful dog collars on the market today. The great advantage of using this particular restraining collar is that it tightens when the dog moves away or runs toward something and loosens to be more comfortable (although still secure) when the dog is relaxed and not causing pressure on the leash or collar itself. This has proven to be an extremely useful restraining device to keep dogs safe and secured without causing injury or severe discomfort to the dog.

Finding a Martingale collar can be tricky since not all pet supplies stores carry this variety. Going online to shop for this particular variety of custom dog collars is definitely the best way to find the appropriate size, color and fabric for your canine and it’s also a great way to save money by purchasing at a discount or wholesale rate. Since this kind of canine collar is a great way to keep a dog secured and often has extra fabric and fasteners involved in the manufacturing it can cost slightly more than a “normal” collar that has a simple clip on it.

The Martingale collar is a great restraining device for your canine that will keep them safe and protected from running off into the street or off the leash and getting lost. The innovative design of the looped collar makes sure your dog is comfortable at all times and that they’re also secure.

Did You Know?

Martingale collars are the preferred collar over slip collars. These type of collars allow for greater control without harming the animal. The range of Martingale collars is huge so shop around for the type and design that suits you and your dog.

You can rest assured a Martingale collar is humane. It is only in use when the dog tries to run etc. In normal circumstances it lays loosely around the dogs neck.

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