Skylight Heat Reduction Using Blinds and Shades

Skylight Heat Reduction Blind

Skylights are a terrific addition to any home but the issue of privacy and reducing unwanted heat is often cause for concern for some people.

Skylight Heat Reduction

If you want to keep out the heat on hot days or just want to know you’re safe from prying eyes then investing in some affordable skylight heat reduction blinds is a great way to go about “closing” your sky lights when you want to.

Finding heat reducing skylight blinds can be rather difficult depending on the types you have installed in your home and how accessible they are.

Many people who have cathedral ceilings for instance often have to call a local contractor to do the estimations and installations while others who merely have lights in an upstairs bedroom can do the job on their own.

Taking the measurements of your skylights is obviously an important step if you plan on purchasing the right ones. For example it’s a good idea to at least take the length and width of the sky lights in your home and then shop online for an appropriate style, design and fixture that can be installed on your particular kind of skylights.

Automatic Heat Blocking Blinds

Motorised Blinds

There are many benefits of using motorized skylight blinds for heat reduction. One of them is heat reduction. Another is the convenience it offers you. You will have an easier time in adjusting the blinds on large and high or hard to reach skylights.

Most of these devices have been manufactured to provide ease of operation and you will be able to control the light, the view and the heat at your own discretion. It is also the ideal choice for those rooms with many skylights as you can easily control them with the precision you want and position them as desired.

With the motorised shades, you can protect the home and its contents such as the furnishing, artwork and covering from harmful sunlight.

This can be done by automatically lowering them during the day so that you can block the harmful rays of the sun. In addition, you can also save up a lot of money by eliminating the glare from the computer and TV screens and at the same time experience comfort thanks to the controlled heat.

Remote Controlled Skylight Heat Reduction Shades

Sun blocking blinds for heat reduction at home

There are different types and kinds of motorised skylight shades but all of which fall under two major power sourcing categories. The first category is the hard wired shades. This makes use of 120 Volt DC/AC power.

The wires that come out of the shades are led to a source of AC current and connected on a closet or attic location. Alternatively the wires can be hard wired into any available switch box.

The second category of motorised skylight shades are those that operate on battery.
The batteries used for this kind of shades can last for about two years without replacement and they are usually placed from behind the head rail of the shade.

The use of the motorised skylight shades can be controlled by using a number of different controls which include frequency remote controls (single unit and four channel), programmable timer (single channelled), single unit and four unit switch (mounted wireless).

Types Of Window Block Out Blinds

Roman Shades

These usually dress up the sky light in a beautiful and elegant manner as they feature folds that have been neatly sewn. They come in 2 categories i.e. classical and flat where you have the option of picking the one you like.

Pleated Shades

These are some of the common skylight heat reduction window blinds as they can be used for almost all kinds of interior decor. They are made from a layer of polyester making them amazing light filters.

Roller Shades

These feature a small tug and spring mechanism that makes it easier for one to roll them up and down. They are normally made from fabric, laminate or vinyl and one can choose the thickness they want depending on the use.

External Skylight Heat Reduction Covers and Screens

Using roof blinds are advised because they keep away the sun’s blinding glare if it lights the room too much. These blinds are also insulators that make a cold room bearable enough.
There are a lot of types of roof blinds, including awnings that are placed outside of the home.

This is an effective way to stop the sun’s light from entering the room since the glass cannot be heated by the sun. The heat is distributed equally in the room at a reduced rate.

Advantages of Skylight Sun Blocker Blinds

Sun blocker blinds are relevant in that they will help keep unwanted ultraviolet rays from direct sunlight away, this is because these rays are harsh and are with no doubt unwanted for they greatly contribute to fading of furniture and flooring.

With these blinds in your skylight heat reduction is easy and the interior of your house will be kept cool during summer months in that the sun will beat down on loft windows so as to offer the coolness that you deserve; this indeed makes life during this season comfortable.

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