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Frankston Cleaning Services

Why Choose Us To Clean Your Home?

Looking for a home cleaning service near Frankston?

When you trust someone to clean your home, business or vacation rental what matters most?

Frankston Cleaning Solutions have years of experience serving customers in the Mornington Peninsula area.

While other services may rely on temporary or inexperienced cleaners, OUR hand picked teams are trained to be courteous and treat your home with extra care.

Most cleaners use chemicals like bleach to clean- hurting the environment and leaving behind a distinct odour nobody likes.

OUR teams use only environmentally friendly cleaning supplies made from natural ingredients for a safe effective and detailed clean.

Whether cleaning for yourself or guests, we know you take pride in every detail. Especially the ones nobody else notices!

That’s why we are dedicated to a detailed professional clean that meets your expectations every time.

Whatever you need Frankston Cleaning Solutions takes the stress away.

You can count on us to take care of everything.

Because there’s nothing like coming home, to a freshly cleaned home.

When you are choosing a home cleaning service, call Frankston Cleaning Solutions. A professional cleaning service for you and the environment.

Frankston Cleaning Solutions Reviews

Hello, my name is Craig Williams and I just want to say thank you to team over at Frankston Cleaning Solutions. You guys are phenomenal.

I have a daughter who is highly allergic to pretty much any kind of cleaning chemical and anytime that we have someone come over and do carpet cleaning she has to stay out of the house for hours.

Well I brought you guys over to my house here in Frankston. You came in, you did the carpets. Wow! I mean it almost looked like it was brand new.

The upholstery you couldn’t even tell that there was a dog that would sleep on my couch. You guys were phenomenal. Even better when my daughter came home from school she didn’t have to leave.

So because of that experience I actually brought you in and had you do my office as well, and I have to tell you guys, I love your cleaning service.

If there’s anybody out there looking for an Eco-friendly green carpet cleaning company, Frankston Cleaning Solutions are the guys to go to you. I highly recommend them and now they’re the only company I use for cleaning my carpet.

Thank you guys. I appreciate all the customer service and the hard work you put into me, my daughter and my carpets.

The Best Local Affordable Dentist Near You

Best Dentists

All Dentists here have achieved many accolades in recent years for business ethics and the quality dental service that they consistently provide. All are recognised as one of the leading providers of affordable, top quality dentistry in Australia. These Dentists can perform all of the basic procedures on teeth, as well as some of the more specialised procedures.

Skip Ahead To A Dentist Near You

Redbank Plains
Carrum Downs
Deer Park
St Kilda

Melbourne CBD Dentist Clinic

Name: – Q1 Dental
Address: – 137/1 Queens Road, Melbourne, VIC 3004
Phone: – (03) 9078 1955

Our dentists at Q1 Dental in Melbourne provide the best possible experience for our patients by making your dental health and satisfaction our topmost priority.

Q1 Dental practice is conveniently located within St Kilda Road Towers at 1 Queens Road in the heart of the St Kilda road Business precinct.

We are close to public transport and only minutes from Melbourne CBD. We are open to serve you on weekdays, Monday to Tuesday and Thursday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm.

We believe in providing the best possible experience for our patients by making your dental health and satisfaction our topmost priority. With three convenient locations across Melbourne, Q1 Dental’s mission is to be your local dental practice.

Our highly qualified dental professionals are committed to meeting the dental needs of your entire family. At Q1 Dental, our goal is to offer you with comprehensive and exceptional dental care and make your dental visit as pleasant as possible.
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Does Redbank Plains Dental Fix Broken Teeth?

Name: – Redbank Plains Dental
Address: – Redbank Plains Shopping Village,
357 Redbank Plains Road, Redbank Plains, QLD 4301
Phone: – (07) 3814 3311

To fix your broken teeth you will require either Crowns or Bridges. A Crown is used when a tooth is cracked or chipped beyond repair. This will fit over the broken tooth giving the look of the original tooth and giving extra strength.

In the event two or more broken teeth then Bridges are used to fill in the gaps.
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Will Robina Town Dental Treat A Tooth Abscess

Name: – Robina Town Dental
Address: – 27 Arbour Lane, Robina Town Centre, Robina QLD 4230
Phone: – (07) 5575 9100

Bacterial infection is the cause of an abscess on a tooth and as you probably already know, they are excruciating.

An abscess can be at the tip of the root or on the gum line near the root.

Antibiotics are used to treat the abscess and while the pain swelling will diminish in 1-2 days, the abscess will need further treatment to remove the infection. This is usually drained.

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Which St Kilda Dentist Should I See?

Name: – St Kilda Dental
Address: – 364 Dandenong Rd, East St Kilda, VIC 3183
Phone: – (03) 9527 3678

Having choices gives you, the consumer, the upper hand. Competition improves standards. It is no different when it comes to dental work in St Kilda. You should not compromise when it comes to your teeth so going to the best dentist in St Kilda is what you and your mouth needs.

Why was East St Kilda Dental voted the best St Kilda dentist? It was a mixture of online reviews, the appearance of the dental clinic itself and previous customer testimonials.

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A Bondi Dental Clinic To Straighten My Teeth

Name: – Dr Morris Rapaport
Address: – 105/251 Oxford St, Bondi Junction, NSW 2022
Phone: – (02) 9389 1382

Why Should I Straighten My Teeth?

There are four main reasons why you want to get your teeth straightened.

1.One will be self esteem. You may be paranoid about your appearance and having all your teeth aligned will boost your confidence.

2. If you suffer from periodic gum disease it could be because your teeth need straightening. Exposed gums are more susceptible to disease.

3. Jaw misalignment can cause headaches which effect our personality. Fixing your crooked teeth will eliminate these types of headaches.

4. Lastly, you watch your speech improve when you have straight teeth.

If you live near Bondi and are looking for a dental clinic to straighten your teeth call the professionals at MyOrthodontist.

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Bulk Billing Dentist Near Me

Name: – Carrum Downs Dental
Address: – 295 Ballarto Road, Carrum Downs, VIC 3201
Phone: – (03) 9786 2144
Web:Carrum Downs Dental Centre

Are there any dentists that do bulk billing? Of course there are. Bulk billing dentists understand that some families and pensioners need the services of a dental centre when funds are tight.

With dental treatment being so expensive nowadays finding a dentist who bulk bills is vital but the thing is bulk billing dentists are hard to find. You could say they are as rare as hen’s teeth.

Bulk Billing Dentist

Bulk Billed Dentist

Low income families, pensioners and young families with children are hardest hit by dentist fees so having the luxury of keeping your teeth in top condition and not having to pay for it immediately is a blessing. Whether you need a filling, extraction, implants, veneers, whitening or braces, a bulk billing dentists will provide excellent dental services at virtually no cost to the patient.

Bulk Billing Dentist For Preventative Dentistry

Preventative dentistry is the most common as it aims to stop or prevent painful teeth issues arising. Whether it is cleaning, whitening or flossing, your bulk billing dentist will provide preventative dentistry to seniors, kids and those in need.

Emergency Dentist Who Bulk Bills

All of us have needed an emergency dentist at some stage. Your toothache is the worst at 3am and you need a bulk billing emergency dentist right now. Carrum Downs Dental have bulk billing and are open 24/7.

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Buderim Dental Practice To Extract My Painful Teeth

Name: – Comfort Dental Centre Buderim
Address: – T204B, 32 Wises Road, Buderim, QLD 4556
Phone: – (07) 5370 8865
Web:Buderim Dentist

Comfort Dental Centre Buderim

Comfort Dental Centre Buderim

Comfort Dental Centre Buderim is your trusted and friendly family dentist in Buderim offering services in: Conscious Sedation, Periodontal Treatment, Child Dental Benefit Schedule

We are more than your regular family dentist as our qualified and expert doctors can also offer specific dental services in the following areas: Preventative Dentistry, Monthly Dental Maintenance Visit, Pit And Fissure Sealants, Composite Fillings, Cosmetic Dentistry, Snap-on Smile, Porcelain Veneers, Invisalign, Myobrace, Teeth Whitening, Restorative Dentistry, Root Canal Treatment, Crowns & Bridges, Removable and Fixed Dentures and affordable dental implants

At Comfort Dental Centre Buderim we provide the highest quality of dental care, in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, with a commitment to excellent customer service. From the moment, you enter our office and meet our team you will realise that this office is not like any other health care office you have visited.

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Affordable Dentist Near Croydon

Name: – Croydon Tooth Doctor
Address: – 143 Maroondah Highway, Croydon, VIC 3136
Phone: – (03) 9723 0703

Our dental practice in Croydon offers you the level of quality, caring dentistry that we would expect for ourselves.

Our boutique style, relationship based dental clinic in Croydon was established by Dr Sue, a Melbourne University trained dentist practicing since 1983.

Sue is supported by her equally experienced, professional and caring staff who are dedicated to going out of their way to ensure your experience here is comforting and gentle.

Authentic, familiar and trusting relationships are formed by always being treated by the same dentist and staff, where the level of intimacy and understanding of your unique preferences are remembered and catered for so that your dental treatments are consistent and you feel reassured with a sense of belonging.

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Oral Health Experts in Deer Park

Name: – Smart Smile Dental
Address: – Clairview Medical Centre, 4/20 Clairview Rd, Deer Park VIC 3023
Phone: – (03) 8390 5778

Step into Smart Smile Dental and experience an exceptional dental care service with our state-of-the-art dental practice and friendly, experienced dental professionals.

We are a modern and patient-oriented dental practice located in Clairview Medical Centre in Deer Park. We keep our rates fair and offer solutions to suit every budget.

At Smart Smile Dental, we believe in providing the best possible experience by making your oral health and satisfaction our highest priority. We take pride in offering safe, effective and high quality dental solutions to you and your family.

Denticare Payment Plans We are offering payment plans as we believe in getting dental treatment when you need it instead of when you can afford it. Our practice payment plans are managed by Denticare direct debit service so we can focus on you and your smile.

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Treat Inflamed Gums in Hillside

Name: – Parkwood Green Dental
Address: – Suite 4, 1-5 Kate Way, Hillside Vic 3037
Phone: – (03) 9449 4100
Web:Parkwood Green Dental

Parkwood Green Dental utilise the most up to date technology in dental care, allowing us to provide the highest standards of service, understanding and convenience for all our patients. Our state of art surgeries facilitate ultimate comfort and care for the patient with a friendly atmosphere.

Dental Clininc Near Hillside Parkwood Green Dental are the leading emergency dental care company, capable of transforming your worn out, inflamed gums to healthy and presentable with acquiring state of the art doctors with years of experience in emergency dental care.

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Newtown’s Favourite Dental Clinic

Name: – Pearly Whites Australia
Address: – Factory 21 21 Rutland St Newtown, Victoria 3220 Australia
Phone: – 1800 188 735
Web:Pearly Whites

Pearly Whites

Pearly Whites Australia is creating a way for the everyday person to achieve a celebrity smile at home without spending hundreds of dollars. With our high-quality dental-grade teeth whitening formulas, you can whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home for just a fraction of what it would cost for the same treatment at a dentist.

We use only the highest quality ingredients – the same formulations used by dentists. We pride ourselves on our incredible reputation for outstanding results. Providing the highest legal percentage whitening gel in the country, we’re certain you’ll feel like a celebrity once you’ve used our quick at-home treatment.

How to Whiten Teeth at Home Using Pearly Whites Kit: Full Tutorial … By Pearly Whites Australia Pearly Whites Australia. Sparkle White Teeth Whitening Kit. White Teeth Global.

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Affordable Dentist in Western Australia

Name: – Claremont Dental Practice
Address: – 2 Ashton Avenue, Claremont, WA, 6010
Phone: – (08) 9385 6677

Established in 1996, Ashton Avenue Dental Practice has been serving the dental needs of the local and surrounding communities of Claremont for over 20 years.

Dentist in Claremont WA Ashton Avenue, Claremont Dental Practice is a well-established dental clinic in Claremont for over 20 years. Our experts dentist specialise in general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, emergency dentistry, geriatric dentistry, teeth whitening, dental implants, paediatric dentistry and teeth whitening treatment.

Our Dental Services: General and preventative dentistry: infection control, root canal – Cosmetic dentistry: teeth whitening, porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers, laser dentistry – Emergency dentistry and sports mouthguards dentistry – Dental bridge, traditional bridge and Maryland bridges treatment

Visit Your Claremont Dental Clinic

At our Claremont dental clinic, we have skilled dentist, latest equipment and technologies to provide the best dental treatment at an affordable cost.

Our dental practice is open 6 days and all Saturdays and after hour’s appointments available. Any time emergency patients are always welcome.

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Cardiff Dental Teeth Whitening By Your Local Family Dentists

Name: – Cardiff Family Dentists
Address: – 34B Kelton Street, Cardiff, NSW 2285
Phone: – (02) 4954 6888
Web:Cardiff Dentistry

New generation of dentists in Cardiff, NSW, leading towards excellence and changing public perception of dentistry.

Dr. Sumanth Reddy Bagepalli (Sam Reddy) is a comprehensive cosmetic, implant, and family dentist who takes great pride in treating his patients and keeping their smiles healthy and beautiful.

Teeth whitening is his specialty. From a simple filling to full mouth rehabilitation, Dr. Reddy is very keen on picking the finest materials and delivering an exquisite result, all the while forming lasting relationships with his patients.

Dr. Reddy moved from India as a dentist and took his training in Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne and got his registration in 2006 and since then he has worked in various dental practices in Melbourne and acquired enormous appraisals from his peers group and from his patients.

Cardiff Dental Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening by a Cardiff Dentist

There’s no argument anymore that it pays to have a winning smile. From applying for a job to simply socializing with acquaintances, a bright smile really lifts anybody’s confidence and thus translates to something positive in the end-a new job or a new friend.

But if you’re wondering how much it would set you back, read on for several teeth whitening price basics. Those Cardiff residents who prefer the more affordable end of the scale, but still want the best teeth whitening procedure, could opt for the in-home tray bleaching procedure that normally costs $50 to $100.

This procedure is fairly simple and is actually very common. A custom-made plastic tray is produced to you by a Cardiff dentist from impressions of your mouth.

A whitening or bleaching gel is applied in the tray, which is worn for about one to two hours per day. The effect of this procedure is gradual and usually takes several weeks depending on the severity of your teeth’s discoloration.

While this is more affordable, you will still need to visit the dentist during the whole procedure for at least two to four times. More than $1,000 -that’s a laser teeth whitening price. If you have the funds to undergo laser whitening, then go for it.

For one, this procedure is absolutely easy. A whitening gel would be applied to your teeth after which, the dentist from Cardiff would use a laser light to maximize and speed up the teeth whitening effect of the gel. This is a quick procedure, but also very expensive.

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If You Need A Toorak Dentist

Name: – Simply Smiles Dental
Address: – Level 4, Trak Centre, 445 Toorak Rd, Toorak VIC 3142
Phone: – (03) 9826 2220

Modern dental practice centrally located in the Toorak Village, in the heart of Toorak.

Our beautiful practice has been designed with patient comfort in mind to ensure that your dental experience is a pleasurable one. The ethos of our dentistry is patient centered.

We listen, then we listen and then we listen some more. Our reputation for treating nervous patients has been built on this caring approach to dentistry. Our dentists are the leading cosmetic dentists in Melbourne and if you are looking for a Melbourne dentist, rest assured, you will be in good hands.

At Simply Smiles Dental, our goal is to maximize your insurance benefits. We offer the following financial options: Major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and Diners are accepted in our office. We offer financing through CareCredit and Mediplan.

If you would like to review these financial arrangement options with one of our team members in advance of treatment, please call (03) 9826 2220.
(We are located in the Toorak Village, in the heart of Toorak and serve patients from Toorak, South Yarra, Prahran, Windsor, Southbank, South Melbourne, Port Melbourne, Malvern, Albert Park, Melbourne CBD, and from all Melbourne metro areas.)

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Deck Design Frankston

Deck Design Frankston

Deck Design Frankston are timber decking experts who have transformed many homes around Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula. Our passion is to create an outdoor living space of top quality, using premium workmanship and materials to give you an outdoor space to spend countless hours on creating lasting memories.

We are the complete outdoor living construction company due to the fact that we create your alfresco living area from scratch whether it is a deck, patio or pergola.

Deck Design

Firstly we sit with you and go through the design process. This could take a few sittings as your vision for your deck changes.
For example:

The shape and dimensions of the deck (Will it be multi level)
Do you want outdoor deck lighting installed around the perimeter.
Will a deck railing run around all sides
Will you need deck stairs on one side or more
Will a decking gate be required

Plans and Permits

Deck Design Frankston will organise all plans and permits taking all the stress away from you. We keep you informed of the progress of this until they are granted.

Outdoor Living Area with Kitchen and Lighting

Outdoor Living Area with Kitchen and Lighting

Deck Construction

We will then build your decking to exacting standards. A time frame on the construction will depend on the size, shape etc but you can be guaranteed the installation will be top quality using only Australian made timber.

Decking Maintenance

On completion we will leave you with all you need to know to maintain your deck. From sealing, coating and staining the deck right through to deck repair.

Decking Add Ons

After you have experienced the thrill of your new decking design you might want to make some additions to it.

Frankston Decking

Frankston Deck Builders

We have advised clients on the installation of:
Outdoor Spa, Hotub or Jacuzzi
Outdoor Kitchen and Bar
Outdoor Fireplace
Outdoor Ceiling Fan, Lamp or Light Fixture

Deck Design Frankston
would love to have you as a valued client. Call us today to explore the possibility of have your new decking built in Frankston.

How To Look After Your Timber Deck

Maintenance of your timber deck is simple really but it will take a bit of work. With extreme weather conditions in Melbourne, your new timber deck will take a beating and with the deck costing you a pretty penny, it gives extra incentive to keep it up to scratch.

Below are some helpful hints to keep your decking looking great for years to come.

1. After you have treated the decking wait at least two days before you expose it to heavy foot traffic and furniture. It needs time to adapt so be patient.

2. In saying this, consider using felt pads on the legs of all furniture to prevent scuffing and scraping the newly stained deck.

3. It is a good idea once a week to give your deck a sweep and occasional spray with the hose but you have to consider once a month getting down and dirty and scaping off any moss build up or plants growing on or through the decking.

4. As stated here I stain my deck every six months, only because I want it looking grouse all year round. You should stain yours at least every 12 months.

5. Most reputable timber stain products will do the job but do not use some nameless unknown brand. Stick with the leaders like Cabot’s, Wattyl etc. It will save a lot of grief down the track.

6. Do not use pressure washers to clean the deck. It could strip away the stain leaving raw timber exposed to the elements. A simple hose and a sweep with a medium broom will suffice.

How Often Should I Stain My Timber Deck

Here in the Frankston area your timber deck is going to have two common enemies. One will be the moisture or rain and the other, believe it or not, will be the salt air which goes hand in hand with living so close to the beach.

We know that salt air can bring on rust more quickly in metal products but it can also have a detrimental effect on your decking too by weathering the wood quicker than normally would. In saying this, it is advised for all Bayside residents of Melbourne to stain the deck, at the very least, once every 12 months, twice if you can manage it. I stain my deck every March and September.

Are All Timber Stains The Same?

No, they are not. There are primarily three types of timber deck stain. Clear, Tinted and Solid.

A clear sealer is the most popular because it does what it says. It seals but it also protects the timber against moisture. It also allows the natural wood grain and colour to penetrate leaving your deck looking fantastic.

A tinted stain goes one step further by not only providing waterproofing to the deck but it also prevents UV rays from penetrating the timber. Tinted stains come in many colours giving you plenty of options.

Solid stains are different. They do not penetrate the timber as such but simply provide a protective coating on top of the wood. A solid stain will hide the grain of the timber so if you want that earthy wood grain look to your deck it might not be the best option for you and your decking.

While they hold their colour for a longer period, they are prone to cracking, peeling etc if not looked after. This is where a twice yearly stain would be handy.

What Do I Use To Stain My Timber Deck?

When my deck was built I asked the deck builder which stain is best to treat it. I did not want a shop assistant telling me because he would have recommended the most expensive or the brand they need to move off the shop floor. I asked this timber deck builder for his selection. He recommended, and I have used, the Cabots brand and it has done the deed for 3 years now.

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Contact us for details.



Decking Design Local Directory Near You


Head Start Constructions
11 Filomena Court, Cranbourne North, Victoria 3977 – 0434 637 262

Bubjak Home Renovations
Langwarrin, VIC, 3910 – 0414 542 014 – (website)

Get some deck design ideas from here.