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As a local small business owner, your business should be listed in a free local business directory. There are quite a few Australian business directories that will let you list your business for free or there are the paid variety that charge around $60 up to $750 per year to list with them.

If you do some research on your search engine and input a trade or service usually the first page of results will come from an online business directory. You would then have to click through various links to get to the information you are after.

This can be quite time consuming when all you want is a phone number or a web address of your local deck builder. Bear in mind that there are benefits to being listed in a local business directory.

One such benefit is the fact that if you have a website, there is usually a link back to your site from within the pages of the business directory listing. Without sounding to techno and geeky this can be a good thing as far as your website is concerned.

But, if you were to give me the option of having my website listed in a small business directory, a local directory or having my website in the top 3 for a number of different search terms related to my business, I know which one I would take.

To me, it would more profitable to have my website seen by thousands rather than a Melbourne business directory online listing that could get buried with the masses. As I said, that is me though.

Aren’t Local Business Directories Online All The Same?

No they aren’t.

We offer a different business directory listing service to other internet directories where we only accept one business per niche. You don’t want your listing to be alongside a group of your competitors like most directory listings. We want to be an internet directory that gives you exclusivity to the potential customers that visit our site.

Directory Listing for Free

Directory Listing Gets Your Business Seen By The Masses.

The point is this. Business directory listings bring in leads and sales. Of that there is no doubt. But wouldn’t you rather be placed on a reliable directory and have a small business directory listing that actually provides profit?

Benefits Of A Business Directory

We could break this down even further by submitting our business to Free Online Advertising Directory for example. These local directories focus solely on small businesses within a municipality, suburb or town instead of a major city. But the same scenario pops up as above.

A potential client finally arrives at the list of wet carpet cleaning businesses in his area but he has a choice of five to pick from. Your chances of picking up that client just diminished because of this whereas, if your website was listed in the top 3 of the search engine, BINGO, a potential client just walked in the door.

I do not write this to criticise any business directory. They serve a great purpose. My whole point is this. Wouldn’t you, a small business owner, rather have a top spot in the search engines, thus more visitors and potential clients, than be rammed deep in the bowels of an online business free directory with 5, 10 or even 20 other competing businesses.

Fairly simple question huh?

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