Review of Frankston Home Cleaning Services

Frankston Cleaning Services

Why Choose Us To Clean Your Home?

Looking for a home cleaning service near Frankston?

When you trust someone to clean your home, business or vacation rental what matters most?

Frankston Cleaning Solutions have years of experience serving customers in the Mornington Peninsula area.

While other services may rely on temporary or inexperienced cleaners, OUR hand picked teams are trained to be courteous and treat your home with extra care.

Most cleaners use chemicals like bleach to clean- hurting the environment and leaving behind a distinct odour nobody likes.

OUR teams use only environmentally friendly cleaning supplies made from natural ingredients for a safe effective and detailed clean.

Whether cleaning for yourself or guests, we know you take pride in every detail. Especially the ones nobody else notices!

That’s why we are dedicated to a detailed professional clean that meets your expectations every time.

Whatever you need Frankston Cleaning Solutions takes the stress away.

You can count on us to take care of everything.

Because there’s nothing like coming home, to a freshly cleaned home.

When you are choosing a home cleaning service, call Frankston Cleaning Solutions. A professional cleaning service for you and the environment.

Frankston Cleaning Solutions Reviews

Hello, my name is Craig Williams and I just want to say thank you to team over at Frankston Cleaning Solutions. You guys are phenomenal.

I have a daughter who is highly allergic to pretty much any kind of cleaning chemical and anytime that we have someone come over and do carpet cleaning she has to stay out of the house for hours.

Well I brought you guys over to my house here in Frankston. You came in, you did the carpets. Wow! I mean it almost looked like it was brand new.

The upholstery you couldn’t even tell that there was a dog that would sleep on my couch. You guys were phenomenal. Even better when my daughter came home from school she didn’t have to leave.

So because of that experience I actually brought you in and had you do my office as well, and I have to tell you guys, I love your cleaning service.

If there’s anybody out there looking for an Eco-friendly green carpet cleaning company, Frankston Cleaning Solutions are the guys to go to you. I highly recommend them and now they’re the only company I use for cleaning my carpet.

Thank you guys. I appreciate all the customer service and the hard work you put into me, my daughter and my carpets.