5 Reasons To Have A Domestic Under Bench Fridge In Your Home

Under Bench Fridge For The Kitchen

two door under bench fridge
Having a glass door under bench fridge in the home is becoming widely popular as trends in home decor evolve.

Having a small single door under bench fridge beneath a section of the bench top was unheard of just a few short years ago but with more exposure on lifestyle television shows and the need to utilise the kitchen space, they are reaching the status of “must have” items in the kitchen.

Benefits of Bench Fridges

Many people are realising the benefits of an under bench fridge such as space saving, lower running costs and improving the look and feel of the kitchen, our most used room in the house.

Having an under bench fridge in the alfresco area at home has been common for a decade now but now the 2 door or 3 glass door, or stainless steel, mini bar fridge has pride of place in many residential kitchens worldwide. Homes in Europe have utilised this space saving method for over 10 years and it is finally catching on in North America, South East Asia and Australia.

Under Bench Fridge For Indoors
Under Bench Fridge In The Home

Here are 5 reasons you should consider having a stainless steel under bench fridge in your home.

1. Data suggests that more of us are turning to healthier eating and having an extra fridge to store all your fruit and vegetables makes sense. This will free up your main upright fridge to have larger items such as bowls, platters etc.

2. If you entertain regularly having an under bench fridge is perfect to keep your drinks and glasses. A regular sized fridge will hold the equivalent of 74 standard cans. Of course, this configuration will change with bottles of wine.

3. Take pressure of your big fridge. We cannot stop the kids opening and shutting the big fridge door every half hour but we can store certain items that need constant refrigeration in the under bench fridge.
For example, any baking that needs cooling or setting would be perfect in the smaller fridge.

4. As a single person living in an apartment space could be minimal. Having a domestic under bench fridge is perfect. With an array of sizes available, there will be one to suit the single guy or girl at home.

5. By having a fridge under the bench top you free up the space where the tall fridge occupied. This can be converted into valuable shelf space. It also makes the kitchen area at home look more appealing and open.

Once you weigh up the pros and cons of an under bench fridge you will lean more towards installing one in your home.

What To Look For In A Domestic Under Bench Fridge

Domestic Under Bench Fridge With 4 Drawers For The Kitchen
Domestic Under Bench Fridge with Drawers

So you have made the decision to buy a small fridge to go under a bench or counter but what should you look for when buying one. Here is a list of features a reliable fridge should have:

a) The most important aspect when buying an under bench model fridge is to measure the cavity it will be going under. Obviously you do not want the fridge wider than the gap it is going to be installed in.
Ideally you want the cavity to be 30mm wider than the fridge to allow a gap either side for ventilation.

b) Front Venting: Because the fridge is going into a cavity it must vent from the front. You should see the grill at the front of the unit at the bottom.

c) A reputable under counter fridge will have a self evaporating tray to remove excessive water. This is vital.

d) Ensure the noise level of the fan is at an acceptable level. 35-40Db should be the balanced range.

e) Ask if it has an ozone friendly refrigerant running it. Mention the term R600A to gauge his knowledge of fridge gases.

f) Automatic defrost is a must. Do not compromise on this for cost. It will save you hours of work over the life of the fridge.

g) Having interchangeable chrome shelving makes your under bench fridge that more versatile. You can alter the shelves to suit your circumstances.

i) Finally, is it cheap to run? A power consumption in the vicinity of 0.7Kwh/24Hrs is standard for a fridge of this size inside the home.

Under Counter Wine Fridge with Pull Out Drawers

In Summary

If you want to save space, make savings on energy bills and stay up with modern technology then an under bench fridge will suit you. Do your due diligence when shopping around for one and take your time deciding.

Once you have your new domestic under bench fridge to slot under your counter top, you will wonder why you didn’t buy one years ago.
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Harvey Norman Under Bench Fridge

Harvey Norman Under Bench Fridge

Harvey Norman Under Bench Fridge

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