Deck Design Frankston in 2018

Deck Design Frankston

Deck Design Frankston are timber decking experts who have transformed many homes around Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula. Our passion is to create an outdoor living space of top quality, using premium workmanship and materials to give you an outdoor space to spend countless hours on creating lasting memories.

We are the complete outdoor living construction company due to the fact that we create your alfresco living area from scratch whether it is a deck, patio or pergola using the latest design technique of 2018.

Deck Design

Firstly we sit with you and go through the design process. This could take a few sittings as your vision for your deck changes.
For example:

The shape and dimensions of the deck (Will it be multi level)
Do you want outdoor deck lighting installed around the perimeter.
Will a deck railing run around all sides
Will you need deck stairs on one side or more
Will a decking gate be required

Plans and Permits

Deck Design Frankston will organise all plans and permits taking all the stress away from you. We keep you informed of the progress of this until they are granted.

Outdoor Living Area with Kitchen and Lighting

Outdoor Living Area with Kitchen and Lighting

Deck Construction

We will then build your decking to exacting standards. A time frame on the construction will depend on the size, shape etc but you can be guaranteed the installation will be top quality using only Australian made timber.

Decking Maintenance

On completion we will leave you with all you need to know to maintain your deck. From sealing, coating and staining the deck right through to deck repair.

Decking Add Ons

After you have experienced the thrill of your new decking design you might want to make some additions to it.

Frankston Decking

Frankston Deck Builders

We have advised clients on the installation of:
Outdoor Spa, Hotub or Jacuzzi
Outdoor Kitchen and Bar
Outdoor Fireplace
Outdoor Ceiling Fan, Lamp or Light Fixture

Deck Design Frankston
would love to have you as a valued client. Call us today to explore the possibility of have your new decking built in Frankston.

How To Look After Your Timber Deck

Maintenance of your timber deck is simple really but it will take a bit of work. With extreme weather conditions in Melbourne, your new timber deck will take a beating and with the deck costing you a pretty penny, it gives extra incentive to keep it up to scratch.

Below are some helpful hints to keep your decking looking great for years to come.

1. After you have treated the decking wait at least two days before you expose it to heavy foot traffic and furniture. It needs time to adapt so be patient.

2. In saying this, consider using felt pads on the legs of all furniture to prevent scuffing and scraping the newly stained deck.

3. It is a good idea once a week to give your deck a sweep and occasional spray with the hose but you have to consider once a month getting down and dirty and scaping off any moss build up or plants growing on or through the decking.

4. As stated here I stain my deck every six months, only because I want it looking grouse all year round. You should stain yours at least every 12 months.

5. Most reputable timber stain products will do the job but do not use some nameless unknown brand. Stick with the leaders like Cabot’s, Wattyl etc. It will save a lot of grief down the track.

6. Do not use pressure washers to clean the deck. It could strip away the stain leaving raw timber exposed to the elements. A simple hose and a sweep with a medium broom will suffice.

How Often Should I Stain My Timber Deck

Here in the Frankston area your timber deck is going to have two common enemies. One will be the moisture or rain and the other, believe it or not, will be the salt air which goes hand in hand with living so close to the beach.

We know that salt air can bring on rust more quickly in metal products but it can also have a detrimental effect on your decking too by weathering the wood quicker than normally would. In saying this, it is advised for all Bayside residents of Melbourne to stain the deck, at the very least, once every 12 months, twice if you can manage it. I stain my deck every March and September.

Are All Timber Stains The Same?

No, they are not. There are primarily three types of timber deck stain. Clear, Tinted and Solid.

A clear sealer is the most popular because it does what it says. It seals but it also protects the timber against moisture. It also allows the natural wood grain and colour to penetrate leaving your deck looking fantastic.

A tinted stain goes one step further by not only providing waterproofing to the deck but it also prevents UV rays from penetrating the timber. Tinted stains come in many colours giving you plenty of options.

Solid stains are different. They do not penetrate the timber as such but simply provide a protective coating on top of the wood. A solid stain will hide the grain of the timber so if you want that earthy wood grain look to your deck it might not be the best option for you and your decking.

While they hold their colour for a longer period, they are prone to cracking, peeling etc if not looked after. This is where a twice yearly stain would be handy.

What Do I Use To Stain My Timber Deck?

When my deck was built I asked the deck builder which stain is best to treat it. I did not want a shop assistant telling me because he would have recommended the most expensive or the brand they need to move off the shop floor. I asked this timber deck builder for his selection. He recommended, and I have used, the Cabots brand and it has done the deed for 3 years now.

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