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If you are doing your research on a concrete pool builder the best advise you can get is to take as much time as you need. Getting a concrete pool built in your backyard is an enormous decision and you definately do not want buyers remorse after the fact.

The fact you are reading this tells us you are doing just that.

You have to gather as much information about the prospective concrete pool builder as possible to ensure this task is as painless as possible. Let’s start with some basic questions to ask your pool builder.

Concrete Pool Price

The price of a concrete pool is going to vary depending on a few things such as size, shape, location, accessories and more. Your concrete pool builder can only give you an exact cost once you have both gone over every detail that you want with the pool. Expext a standard concrete pool to have a price of between $40,000 at the low end and could go over $100,000 for deluxe pools.

There are also some costs involved after the pool has been built. Obviously you will need fencing as is law then perhaps you want the surrounds to have landscaping. There will be electrical work to connect pumps and lighting. In the initial phase there will be cartage of dirt removed for the pool. All these functions raise the price of a concrete pool.

Award Winning Pools

concrete pool builder award

Every year the Victorian Swimming Pool and Spa Association hold award nights to highlight the heavy hitters in the swimming pool industry. They have awards for every category of pool including best concrete pool below $50,000 and above $100,000.
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Concrete Pool Versus Fibreglass Pools

Ask your pool builder why you should pick a concrete pool over a fibreglass pool. If he truly has your interests at heart he will honestly tell you the pros and cons of each pool type. One of the leading pool companies in the US has forged a solid reputation for being open and honest in regards to this and has earned enormous praise for this. You can read about them here.

Problems With Concrete Pools

The concrete pool builder should be questioned on any common problems with concrete pools. If he is open and honest he will explain that concrete pools are not ideal if you want to have a salt water pool. Salt and concrete, over time, are not a good match. The concrete becomes very porous over time and could lead to abrasions and scratches of the feet etc

Concrete pools will require a new surface more often so keep this in mind. Also, there are many ongoing costs with a concrete pool so be aware of these when talking to the builder.

Best Concrete Pool Builder In Melbourne

This is probably the best question you will ask.

“Who are the best concrete pool builders in Melbourne?”

If your concrete pool builder stands behind his product he should feel confident in telling you all about his competitors in a positive way. Ask him why other concrete swimming pool builders in Melbourne are different to him. Explain that you are investing a huge amount of money and want the decision on who builds it to be based on a solid foundation of knowledge.

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