Treads Footwear Hand Made in Melbourne


Treads Shoes are back from the 1970’s.

I hand make them from leather and recycled tyres to order.

Treads Footwear

Treads footwear was iconic in the 1970’s. They defined a generation of young Australians and allowed us to express our flair. They showed that we were cool and made a huge fashion statement.

Now the tread shoe is back. If you want to buy a pair of original treads, circa 1970’s, leave a comment below and I will contact you to discuss, size, colour and cost of treads footwear.

Just like the Miller shirts from the ’70’s, Treads are back in style in 2017. Look good and feel great in a pair of Treads today.

See pictures of treads here.

Treds 1970’s Treads Shoes

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Treads Shoes Made In Melbourne
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Bring Treads Shoes Back

I have bought back those treads shoes that all kids wore in the 1970’s. Remember them? The one’s with the recycled car rubber tyre soles? Whether you’re a baby boomer looking to reminisce or a current day teenager, you should experience the glamour and comfort of wearing treds on your feet. They are not just for Surfy’s today.

  • 12mm Thick Recycled Rubber Soles
  • 6mm of Foam Rubber on Top
  • 100 % Leather for the Inner Sole
  • Suede Straps
  • 100% Hand Made in Melbourne
Treads Shoes

Quality Footwear. Hand Made Treads Shoes Melbourne.
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