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Glass Pool Fencing Frankston are specialist installers in glass pool fencing. It is our attention to detail and understanding fully the need to comply to local laws regarding pool fencing that has made us the premier glass swimming pool fencer in Melbourne as well as the most sought after.

Our glass pool fencing panels meet Australian Standard AS 1926.1. Our fences come in frameless and semi frameless and all of our hardware including hinges, posts, spigots and screws. We only use stainless steel hardware on all our fences eliminating the chance of rusting. Our glass panels come in 8mm, 10 mm and 12mm thick.

Call Ray today on 0476 035 995. He will come and give you a very competitive glass pool fencing price.

Glass Pool Fencing Advantages

Glass Pool Fencing

Your pool area will look larger than it actually is. Looking from the pool to outside the pool area gives the swimmer the feeling of being in a more expansive environment.

A glass pool fence is easy to maintain. A timber fence can rot and need constant painting or staining when exposed to the elements and a steel fence, even though powder coated, will eventually rust. Glass fencing only needs cleaning occasionally making it not only practical but a low maintenance fence.

Safety around a swimming pool is paramount. As a parent you want to have permanent eye contact with the kids and having a glass pool fence allows you to keep a visual on them at all times.

It is a type of pool fence that blends in with any outdoor decor. In some cases it can enhance to look of your backyard.

Coming in a thickness of up to 12mm, glass fencing is tough and durable. The glass panels are toughened to handle anything the kids can throw at it.

Glass Pool Fencing Frankston are a Father and Son small business and have serviced Frankston homeowners for decades. They have an extensive list of satisfied clients. This has been achieved by sticking to the principals of good old fashion customer service and being completely transparent in every facet of building your glass pool fence.

DIY Glass Pool Fencing

We understand that there is some that consider themselves a handyman and it is for this reason we offer the chance for you to do it yourself. We can supply you all of the glass panels and hardware to install your glass pool fence. Ask us about this cheap method of fencing in your pool. Of course, it will be u to you to get final clearance from your local council.

Wholesale Glass Pool Fencing

Due to our ability to order in glass panels in huge numbers we can pass those savings on to other pool fence contractors. If you operate a business and can supply your ABN we can supply you with all your inventory. Minimum amounts apply for wholesale glass pool fencing.

Swimming Pool Fence Laws

Below are just some of the laws pertaining to the fencing in of pools and/or spas.

  • A timber fence can count as one side of the fence as long as it is over 1800mm.
  • All gates that give access to the pool must swing outwards or away from the swimming pool.
  • Latches for gates must be self closing and the closing mechanism must be at least 1500mm from the ground.
  • There must be a non climbing zone, or NCZ, of 900mm. This means that there can be no other structure, tree branch etc. with 900mm of the top of the fence.

Paling Fencing Frankston

Paling Fencing Carrum Downs
Fencing Frankston

Whether you like it or not, you are going to replace your paling fence every five to seven years due to erosion, storm damage, wear and tear or because you are sick of the existing fence and simply want to upgrade it.

Getting a new fence is not a high priority for most Frankston home owners and we do take them for granted but when you think about it, your paling fence provides security and privacy to you and your family.

So when it comes the time to get a new fence your first question will be:

“How Much Is A New Fence?”

And so it should be. I reckon you are just like me and do not have a stash of cash lying around at home in your sock drawer waiting to spend on a fence but if you suddenly walk outside one morning to find your fence lying on the ground after last nights storm, you want it fixed in a hurry.

Or, as happened to me 2 months ago, you are sitting at home and the guy next door knocks on your door and hands you a quote for a timber fence because he has decided to get a new fence.

The cost of a paling fence from Fencing Frankston is going to vary depending on a few factors such as the height and length of the fence, the type of timber used in the fence posts, the pulling down and removal of the old fence, ease of access to the site and more.

For example, and I did not know this at all, if you live in a sandy area such as I do in Frankston, the fence posts have to be deeper in the ground meaning you need longer posts than if going in to hard ground. This requires more cement as well to secure the fence posts. Just this example has made the cost of the fence go up.

The bottom line is this. Giving the price of a paling fence, without looking at the job, is difficult but I will tell you the cost of my new fence to give you a ball park figure. By the way, I got 3 quotes for the fence and the neighbour got two quotes and the difference between the most expensive and cheapest was $700.

I did not choose the cheap paling fence quote for a few reasons but settled on the fencing Frankston company that was mid range, was honest in his dealings with me and had good reviews about his business.

His name is Craig and he is the owner of Fencing Frankston.
(He also does Colorbond Fencing)

The dimensions of the new paling fence I needed are as follows:

Height: 1.9 mtrs
Length: 19 mtrs

The posts are Jarrah measuring 125mm x 75mm at a height of 2.7 mtrs
The rails are a standard 75mm x 50mm
The palings are treated pine.

Using heavy duty nails on the frame and galvanised nails on the palings. It also included cement for the posts and finally the pull down and removal of the old fence.

Fencing Frankston Price

The total price of the new paling fence from Fencing Frankston was $1399 or $699 for each owner. This equates to just under $37 per metre for you and the same for the neighbour. Bear in mind that access is easy to the fence.

I would call $37 per metre a reasonable price for a fence. This cost would increase if you were to add extras like capping to the top of the fence or a gate in there somewhere but you have a ballpark figure to start with in your search for a new paling fence.

I highly recommend you go to Craig’s website for fencing and request a call back from him. He is as honest as the day is long, he is a local Frankston resident and his workmanship is first class. He is the best fence installer I have used.
Phone number for Fencing Frankston

Cranbourne Timber Fencing is here.

Colorbond Fencing Frankston

Colorbond Fencing Frankston
Get A Colorbond Fencing Price

Your Local Colorbond Fencing Contractor

  • Name: Colorbond Fencing Melbourne
  • Phone: 0404 833 531
  • Website: Colorbond Fence

Experts in Colorbond fences and gates.

Colorbond Fencing Contractor from Frankston
  • Competitive Quotes
  • Complete Site Clean Up
  • On Time Every Time
  • Long Lasting and Looks Great

Having a colorbond fence offers not only an appealing look to your home but the added security and the fact you will not be replacing your fence as often as a timber fence. We take down the existing fence and erect a beautiful colorbond fencing replacement in short time with minimal disruption to you or the neighbours.

Areas we service include Frankston, Carrum Downs, Cranbourne and Dandenong.

Melbourne Colorbond Fence