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Frankston Ceiling Repairs
Frankston Ceiling Repairs are an experienced team of ceiling repair contractors servicing the South East suburbs of Melbourne and have grown from a two man operation into a thriving business through providing excellent service at competitive prices.

Often our work is performed in trying or emergency circumstances, so delivering a quality job under pressure is normal for us.

Why You Would Need Frankston Ceiling Repairs

  • Cracks in your garage ceiling
  • Mould in your bathroom ceiling
  • Your laundry ceiling has wet patches

Cracks, mould and wet marks can appear in any room of the house but the garage, laundry and bathroom are the most common rooms of the house to be affected for one simple reason.

Garage Ceiling Repairs

Parking your car in the garage, especially if it is wet, creates a damp environment. These conditions can, over time, cause mould.
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Laundry Ceiling Repairs

If you have clothes dryer in the laundry this can create the same scene as the garage. Constant warm, wet air can create mould ruining the plaster ceiling and walls.

Bathroom Ceiling Repair

Without adequate ventilation your bathroom can act as a sauna replicating the scenario of the laundry and garage. Over years, slight imperfections can appear putting the whole ceiling in danger of collapsing.

Wet Patches In Your Ceiling

If you suddenly see a wet patch on your ceiling, or you have sagging plaster, you had better act fast. A typical reason for this is that one of your roof tiles has a crack in it. Rain water comes into the roof space and is soaked up by the insulation in your roof. If the weight gets to much, the whole ceiling will fall to the floor.

What You Should Do Now

Call Frankston Ceiling Repairs, your ceiling repair contractors, and we will come and do a visual inspection of all your ceilings. After you have our written report you can choose to act on our recommendations.