Carrum Downs Takeaway Food

Carrum Downs Takeaway Food

Takeaway Food Choices For Carrum Downs

Carrum Downs takeaway food choices is huge. At last count there were over 20 options to choose from. Selecting one can be difficult but with a little preparation beforehand, you can take away some of the pain .

Try to select what particular takeaway meal you want. Do you want Pizza? Maybe Indian or Malay. Perhaps Italian would be good. Or you could go the stock standard Fish ‘n’ Chips.

At the Carrum Downs shopping centre alone there are over a dozen different outlets to choose from. This is good when one member of the family wants this and others want that. You can pick them up in one stop.

I reckon the Italian restaurant up on Hall/Dandenong Rd is fantastic for atmosphere and their takeaway menu is varied. 2 Lil Indians is also a popular haunt for take-away.

Unfortunately the Sands Hotel on Hall/Cadles Rd does not do takeaway. Pity, because the food there is great.

Worst Carrum Downs Takeaway Food Outlet

McDonalds works but the customer service there is deplorable to be honest. (Is it just me or do you think all 17yo to 19yo need an attitude adjustment? Read Hungry Jacks too) I feel for the owner.

In saying that, McDonalds will always be popular because of their branding. Just a shame the kids there have no pride in their appearance or work.

I am sure head office would give them a bullet if they knew what was going on there. This Carrum Downs takeaway food store would be closed in a flash.

There is a neat little Chinese takeaway at Belvedere shops. I recommend that one for sure. As for pizza home delivery, I have tried them all. The new on on Hall Rd next to Subway is great as is the one up Ballarto Rd near Coles.

As for the best choice for Carrum Downs takeaway food? Well, that is up to you.

Leave your selection for best Carrum Downs takeaway food below.

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