How To Replace The Screen On An iPhone 6

Iphone Repair
How to replace a screen on an iphone 6

Let’s show you how to replace the screen on an iPhone 6. Here we have the iPhone 6. I’m going to go ahead and turn it off, grab my Pentalobe screwdriver, and take out the two little screws in the bottom. These are the same size screws as all of the other iPhones.

I’m going to take a suction cup and lift up the screen just a little bit, so I can slip a pry tool. You can use a plastic one or a metal one if you want. Just make sure to lift up on the actual metal frame of the screen otherwise you might crack it as you pry it up. So be super careful with that.

As you lift up the screen you’ll see these five screws on the metal plate. Take out those screws, remove the plate, and then unsnap each of these little clasps. The clasps are very similar to legos. Just kind of take your little pry tool, pop them underneath, and they’ll unclasp from the little latch that they’re on.

Anyway this is the screen. There’s a very good chance that when you buy the replacement screen you’re going to have to move over all the individual parts from one screen to the other.

We’re going to start with the earpiece. There’s three screws up at the top. Take out those screws and then the little bracket comes off. Put that somewhere safe. Make sure you keep all your screws really organized or you’re going to have problems later.

I’m pulling up the front camera and the proximity sensor from the little brackets that they’re held in, and then I’m pulling off the last little bit that’s taped down by the earpiece. These parts are really inexpensive. At least they have been in the past with the iPhone 5’s and 4’s.

There’s three screws on both sides of the metal plate and then one screw down at the bottom. So take those out and there’s two screws that hold the home button in place. Remove that bracket. And then the home button is just lightly taped down. It’s just lightly stuck. So peel that up.

And there’s one little connector right there just like the little connectors that were holding the screen down, those little lego pieces. So un-pop that and remember that this is the only home button, the one that comes with your phone, that will work with the fingerprint scanner.

Any other aftermarket home buttons that you put on the phone will not work with the fingerprint scanner, they’ll just work as a home button. So keep that in mind.

Easy Way To Replace The Screen Of An iPhone 6

Anyway, lift it off the metal plate. You can see the ribbing cable that connects the home button up by the earpiece. And this is the screen. And there’s a good chance you might need to move over the plastic brackets from one screen to the other, so they just pop right out. And when you put them back in, you don’t need to worry about gluing them down or anything because the actual ribbing cable will hold them in the correct place that they need to be.

And you’ll see that here in a second. Anyway, I’m going to grab the earpiece ribbing cable and put that back in, lining it up with a little peg up at the top. It’s really easy not to mess this up because there’s little guiding pegs that the ribbing cables sit on top of. And then each little component has its own little slot up at the top so you can just kind of see where each little piece goes.

The earpiece is going to go down over the top of the camera and the proximity sensor and those gold little connections points will fold right over the top of the earpiece. And the camera will go in its slot. Once the camera is in there you can take your back plate and slide it up over that ribbing cable for the LCD, and line it up with the hole and then you can grab the bracket for the camera and put it over the top as well.

Remember those three screws that hold that down, and then we can start with the home button. It should still be relatively sticky from before. Either way, just put it down in place over the hole. And then fold over that little lego piece and snap that in place just like a lego.

And then you can grab your bracket, screw that in with the two screws. And then there’s seven screws around the side of that metal plate so make sure those are in as well. Now we’re going to take the screen and plug each of those little connectors in, there’s four of them.

So kind of work your way down. You’ll feel it seat on top of the little plug, and then you can just press it down the rest of the way. Very similar to legos. Get all four of those in and then while the screen is still up you can go ahead and turn your phone on just to make sure that it’s working.

So make sure that the touch sensitivity is working and the LCD is working and then turn the phone off before you do anything else. Put the metal bracket back into place. You got those five screws. And then you can fold your screen down and press it into place. So make sure that you start with the top of the screen and slide it up and into the little groove so that it’s super flush with the edge of the phone. And then you can press the edges in as you go down, around, and towards the charging port. Make sure you put those bottom two Pentalobe screws in, and there you go. Now you know how to replace the screen on an iPhone6

Frankston Junk Removal Service Done Cheap

Rubbish Removal

If you’ve got a junk that you want out of your house or off your property then you probably only need two questions answered when you call up Frankston Junk Removal Service.

How much is it going to cost and how fast can you get there?

Be prepared for disappointment. Why?

If you’ve got a medium to large sized haul then the junk removal company will probably want to send out a representative to review the items you need removed before giving you a quote.

This means you won’t be able to get your junk taken right away and you won’t know how much it’s going to cost until the rep is already in your property.

That is unless you call Frankston Junk Removal Service.

There are a lot of things that set Frankston Junk Removal Service apart from our competitors including our over ten years of service in the industry, our clean uniformed and professional workers, and our twenty-foot garbage trucks which can haul away a lot more refuse than our competitors who almost always used twelve-foot truck. It is this reason we can offer such a cheap rubbish removal service.

However one of our greatest competitive advantages is the fact that we are happy to provide price quotes right over the phone. We also offer same day service. That means that you can give us a ring in the morning, immediately get a quote and have your junk picked up and out of your life by the time you go to bed.

Cost Of Junk Removal in Frankston

When you give our Frankston Junk Removal Service a call we’ll ask you to describe exactly what you need hauled away. As long as we get a good sense of the project we’ll be able to give you an approximate quote without ever having to send someone to the home or property.

This not only saves time but also takes a lot of pressure off of you to make a decision right away. Unlike almost all of our waste removal competitors Frankston Junk Removal Service puts our pricing right out in the open.

We aren’t afraid to show our pricing because we offer some of the best prices in the Junk removal industry. In fact we calculated that per cubic metre Frankston Junk Removal Service charges roughly fifteen percent less than our competitors. We aim to be cheaper than most.

Now our low prices don’t mean we cut back on service. Our workers are professional, fast and will treat your property with respect. You can also rest assured that we make it a high priority to recycle as much of the materials we collect as possible and giveaway any reusable items to local charities.

So are you ready to be given an honest and accurate price quote for removing your junk?

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Keep Mornington Peninsula Clean

If you’re reading this it means you’ve got too much junk. It’s taking over your life, it may be cluttering your home, your garage or your backyard.

Set yourself free with the single call to F.J.R.S (Frankston Junk Removal Service) for all your junk removal needs.

For over ten years we’ve been helping our clients clean up their lives literally with over a hundred and fifty thousand completed cheap junk removal jobs under our belt you can bet we’ve seen it all.

Frankston Junk Removal Service

We have worked with many Frankston, Carrum Downs and Cranbourne homeowners desperate to take back their homes from all the material possessions that have somehow taken on a life of their own and even clients who hadn’t seen the floor in certain rooms for years.

Just give us a call and we can give you a quote right over the phone. We may be able to have our professional, uniformed waste removal crew at your house today.

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To finally get the junk out of your life give us a call. If you’ve got Junk that’s gotta go Frankston Junk Removal Service is at your service. Waste disposal is our profession.

How To Lay Wall and Floor Tiles – Video Instructions

How to lay floor and wall tiles

How To Lay Wall and Floor Tiles Video Transcript

Hi I’m Craig Philips and welcome to my Tiling Trade Tips where I’m going to be revealing my top DIY secrets to help you save money and time.

I’m going to be showing you how to set out and lay floor tiles. Now once you’ve decide what size and style tile that you want to lay your floor in you need to find a starting point.

This is very important, the first tile that you lay dictates where the rest of them are going to go in the room. What we would recommend is find the dead centre of the room and work your way out so you’ve got equal cuts either side.

Now of course everybody’s rooms are different sizes at home so measure from wall to wall.

This area is only 1200mm so I’m going to mark it 600, dead centre. I’m going to get my first tile, on one edge of it and place it on the dead centre of the room and what you might find is when you lay tiles out to start with, just dry with no adhesive on you pace them out and then all of a sudden you’ve got a real small slither of a cut in the corner which is what you don’t want so, keeping to the centre of your room you know have to find the centre of your tile place that across so it’s travelling 50 50 and then if you start to work your way out with your dry tiles you’ll see you’ve now got a larger cut either side which is equal size and it’s a perfect starting point.

So now you’ve drawn a line right the way down the centre for the width of the room you have to do the same with the length. Now we’ve measured and marked up the centre of the length of the room and the width of the room we’ve got our starting point for the first tile.

We’re fitting our tiles down to a marine ply so we’re using a rapid set flexible adhesive. Now I’m using a notched floor tile. Now I start to spread the adhesive with the straight edge of the trowel then I turn this around to the notched edge and comb it out so I got an even bed.

Now the first tile is laid down onto the adhesive making sure that the marks that you made on the tile line up perfectly with the marks that you made on the floor. Putting a small bit of pressure on all four corners of the tile.

Now your next tile can be laid into position again putting a small amount of pressure on all four corners checking with your finger that it’s flush with the tile next to it and not forgetting your tile spacers.

Carry on laying your tiles till you get to the edge of the room then you can measure up and prepare for the cut. Once you’ve got three or four tiles into position its always wise to use a spirit level to check that they are all bedded flush.

Now you’ve fitted all your floor tiles, you’ll be able to see you’ve got equal cuts all the way around the out side. You can use a sponge to wipe off any excess adhesive and then of course leave it to fully cure and then your ready to start grouting.

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